ADVENTURES that deliver a wealth of stories and experiences to last a lifetime.
ACCESS to parts of the world hidden from the highways and by-ways. We take you into the places where history happened, where nature is still wild and people are real, not another roadside marker, viewing area or tourist attraction.

It isn’t just about what’s out there – it’s how you get there. You’ll drive performance vehicles, purpose built to cover rough miles at speed – it’s fun, exhilarating and memorable.You’ll discover something in yourself.

Getting behind the wheel of our tour cars is something only a few will ever experience, but the few that do – walk away with a new kind of wealth – stories, confidence and friendships that last a lifetime.

It’s the kind of freedom the world is missing. Zero One – Find It

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  • Guides Tell All

    “I do not regret one moment of my life.” ~Lillie Langtry

    by Melissa Eickhoff

    It’s been over a year since we first set out in our tour cars with clients to show them what we know and love about the Great Basin of Nevada.  Along the way, and on each adventure, we keep discovering more.   Our years of...

  • Adventurer Stories


    by Predi Medina

    Details. Are details really important? I think so…in fact I take the time to work and plan them as they may be the most important aspect of an event. Let’s suppose for example that we have done a great job and bring a customer...